Product offer

Based on additive manufacturing technology, RCIiT offers:

  • Implants printed from titanium with unique qualitative attributes for veterinary medicine and soon for human medicine: orthopedic bolts and TTA cages with an innovative compression attachment (nitinol staplers of own production). Implants are characterized by roughness (a natural development of the surface conducive to osseointegration) and structure openness, allowing the penetration of bone tissue through the implant structures. Both of these unique features determine the advantage of printed implants over traditional techniques.
  • Conformal cooling systems for injection and machining tools, which thanks to the freedom of design and implementation in 3D printing technology significantly improve the efficiency and quality of the final products obtained.
  • Overlays upgrading the working surfaces of tools, applied by LDT technique to complex geometries, regenerating or extending the life of tools padded with manual techniques.
  • Casting models for rapid prototyping and low-series production in casting technologies with a lost model and vacuum casting - performed in SLA technology.
  • Regeneration of unique, non-standard machine parts using 3D printing techniques using a wide range of materials and reverse engineering for parts lacking of the original documentation.


Service offer

  • Production of models and prototypes with partial or full functionality in additive technologies.
  • Measurement plans, scanning and reverse engineering of the provided parts, digitalization of the project.
  • Designing of machines and devices, including injection molds, analysis of the injection process.
  • CNC machining services using multi-axis machining centers and electro-drilling - also in the case of of parts with complicated geometry and difficult to process materials.
  • Consulting services in the field of implementation of modern manufacturing technologies (CNC and all basic 3D printing techniques for industrial applications) and modern product design techniques: from ideas to market success.
  • Educational services in the management of innovation processes in the enterprise (innovation in existing and emerging business models), operational management, business communication (taking into account modern sales techniques, negotiations, presentation and construction of internal communication processes).


Substractive technology

Additive technology

We offer services in the field of industrial 3D printing and surfacing with the most modern devices in Europe.