Implementation of the printed mold insert

We present you with another innovation in our company.

Cycle time reduced by more than half, increased shape accuracy and higher quality moldings - these are the advantages obtained by Formaster (owner of the DAFI brand) from the use of a conformally cooled injection mold insert printed in the Radom Center for Innovation and Technology on the Concept Laser M2 printer.

It is expected that the use of conformal cooling to the rest of the injection process will additionally shorten the cycle time. The insert has been simulated using Moldex3D - software that allows process simulation to further optimize the solution offered.

Prototyping in the "Laser cladding" project has been completed

The Radom Center for Innovation and Technology proudly presents the ready prototype of a mining drilling head with a upgraded surface using LDT technology.

The high quality of the lasser cladded surface applied with the unique RPMI 557 printer has been confirmed by material tests.

The proposed LDT technology exceeds the conventional manual application of hard surfaces in terms of accuracy, performance and quality. Laser cladding and surface upgrading is a new service offered by RCIT.

We printed the prototype of the aircraft engine element

The Radom Center for Innovation and Technology printed a prototype of an aircraft engine element.

On behalf of the Military University of Technology, RCIT has completed a printout of the inlet of a two-pass engine. The project consisted of printing a detail in SLM technology, welding elements and final CNC machining.

The creation of the element with incremental technology was one of the first such tests in Poland.

Cooperation with POLREGIO

On the order of POLREGIO, the Radom Center for Innovation and Technology performed a model of the new face of the ED72 train in the 1: 2 scale.

The premiere of the modernized EZT took place in Gdańsk during TRAKO 2017.

The model was made in the SLA technology.

US Ambassador in Poland

Paul W. Jones, US Ambassador, visited Poland on October 11-12, 2017 in Radom. Mr. Ambassador was also a guest of the Radom Center for Innovation and Technology.

During the meeting with RCIT employees, guests visited the production plant and were presented with the technologies we are currently working on. The President of the Management Board of the Radom Center for Innovation and Technology, Jarosław Szewczyk, who was the host, raised the issue related to the challenges facing the Radom Additive Center.

This was the official visit of the Ambassador

RCIiT printed the bodywork of the ELVI vans

The design of the car body print in the 1:1 scale was carried out on behalf of URSUS S.A. and included the redesign of surface models, printing and partial preparation of elements for further finishing works.

The amount of work was huge. The SLA (Stereolithography) printout lasted over 720 hours. including technological breaks, including on topping up building material. The printout was made on one of the world's largest 3D printers. Dimensions of the working field of the machine are 1500x750x550 mm.

The ELVI delivery vehicle was presented at the industrial trade fair in April this year in Hanover.