Project Medicine

Tytanowe implanty medyczne - producent

Medical implants

As part of the "Medicine" project, Radom Center of Innovation and Technology Ltd. conducts research and development, prototype and implementation works in the field of orthopedic implants.
The aim of the project is to develop, design and manufacture new, innovative products for medicine: titanium implants, using modern materials and manufacturing techniques. 
The result of the medicine project is the development of implant manufacturing in 3D printing technology that allows the use of properties of additive techniques (SLM technology) that gives implants a natural roughness and allows the formation of openwork (mesh) structures.

The use of additive techniques (3D printing) for the manufacture of implants is an innovation on a European scale - few entities offer such solutions on the market, and some of these solutions are unique on a global scale, like 3D printed interference perforated cannulated medical screws, currently terminating the phase of clinical trials and ISO medical certification: 13485.

One of the first of our medical implants is a interference perforated cannulated medical screw made of titanium (SLM technology), intended for use in reconstruction of cruciate ligaments, tendons and for fixing other soft tissues. The screw may find application within the upper and lower limb, the shoulder and pelvic girdle. It has side perforation for better connection and overgrowth of bone tissue and implant.


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